"I have recorded with Matt in Kentucky, California and Montana. By far the best drummer I've had the pleasure of making music with. He plays with incredible passion, sensitivity and creativity. He's also a talented singer and songwriter, a gift which helps him know exactly what kind of percussion is needed from song to song. He's got a wealth of musical knowledge well beyond his age to pass on, and I would get it while the gettin's good."

-Ryan Delmore; Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Central Coast, CA-


"Matt Nall is one of the best drummers I have ever played with. He not only has the skills, knowledge and creativity to play any style of music, he has the ability to make it all happen. His expertise in not only the science of drums but also the "real world" application in band situations makes him the perfect teacher for the beginning or experienced drummer."

-John Barnett; Singer/Songwriter, Recording Artist, Missoula, MT-